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oktober 20, 2023


Android finally checks sideloaded apps for malware before installs

In response to growing cyber threats, Google has introduced an update to bolster Android security. This enhancement focuses on strengthening malware detection before app installations, ensuring a safer Android ecosystem.

With this update, Google Play Protect now conducts real-time scans at the code-level during the app installation process:

By providing users with immediate feedback about the safety of the apps they are installing, Google empowers its users to make informed decisions—thereby mitigating the risks associated with malicious apps.

The enhancement has commenced its global rollout, starting in select countries and gradually expanding to cover all regions. Google’s commitment to providing a secure digital experience for its users is evident in the timely deployment of this feature worldwide.

This essential update underscores Google’s ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of its platform. By focusing on real-time malware checks during installations, Google aims to foster user confidence in the Android ecosystem and promote a safer and more secure mobile experience for millions of users.

(Photo by Roth Melinda on Unsplash)

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