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mei 13, 2024


Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise


Currently we know our lifestyle is not good, and our creativity, problem solving skill and focus is getting lesser in our routine life. So what is the solution to boost creativity, problem solving skill and focus?

Looking for some simple creativity boosting exercises that helps you to increase creativity with exercise. This article is about some research and importance of exercise to boost creativity, I hope this article will help give you idea about exercise and effect on creativity with exercise.

Dr. Chong Chen, assistant professor in the department of neuroscience at Japan’s Yamaguchi University shared a quote “Even a single, brief bout of aerobic exercise can ignite creative thinking.

A new research is conducted that shares the impact of physical activity on our creative process.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

How exercise boost creativity, problem solving skill and focus

You don’t even have to be into it, you don’t have to apply it on yourself — just move, and do exercise experts say. Move in order to jumpstart your brain with exercise because it boost not only your health but also your mental creativity.

Some simple exercise that increases you physical activity that is simple and yet effective to increase creativity with exercise.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

This concept isn’t new, we already discussed in many blogs about exercise and mental health connection. A well-known quote is we already know that “Do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement.”

Now, however, scientists like Dr. Chong Chen and team are looking to go deeper, for figuring out why exactly exercise boosts our creativity — and they have found that it’s not all about fitness, but rather that it improves a lot not only body but also mentally.

Why Exercise

Multiple studies, according to The Guardian, assessing everything from the impacts of dancing to stair climbing to running, or any other physical activities have pointed to positive post-exercise result.

A little bit of exercise helps you to increase creativity level, but also helps you get into a proper body shape.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

“When we regularly do aerobic activity or any physical activity as exercise, it will trigger structural changes in our body, such as increasing brain health, particularly of the hippocampus, which benefit many aspects of cognition.

It boosts brain working memory, attentional control and information -processing,” found in new research. It gives the brain more potential to be more creative.

That is why you sometimes find that when we go to hit gym or yoga or any exercise after physical activity we found a great idea or solution even though you weren’t consciously thinking about it.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

Better still, it is the diverse, “thinking outside the box” kind of creativity and that seems to be most encouraged by activity, research shows that these kind of changes comes in life after you start daily exercise.

Experts say there’s lots to be learned still, such as how long can these impacts last, or which exercises are the most effective and more researches are still conducted and experts are measuring it.

You can add some hobbies in office like walking for 5 minutes during lunch, or 5 minutes light exercise break, that will work as a creativity boosting exercises.

If you are a student then you can also follow same method as mentioned above, when ever you get break get into physical activity it can be outdoor games also, these kind of little exercise boost creativity level, and make your mind more refreshing.

Running on a treadmill at the gym, or you can go into your own zone and switch off. You can go on the streets, you have to engage constantly with your environment.

Engaging with environment and connecting with nature helps in more fast improvement in mental health.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

Avoid things which distracts you and interrupts your thoughts. Running in the woods or open green environment, you have the additional effects of nature on the brain. It will affect your creativity via different pathways.

Short active breaks at schools and in the workplace can restore people’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

And for those people who find the concept of achieving ‘fitness’ too challenging, must know that just a few minutes of walking, or other low-intensity physical activity, can enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills and it will give you more motivation and help you to come out of your comfort zone.


First of all we commonly thinks creativity with people who ‘make things’. Some professional examples are artists and architects, poets and playwrights. But remember creativity and problem solving is most important thing now a days.

Boost your creativity, problem solving skill and focus with few minutes exercise

We already have creativity and problem solving skills but we are not able to use it with full potential. To increase potential of your creativity add exercise in your daily life.

It will help you to get more creative mind and you will get natural problem solving creativity.

“Remember that all of us have both the potential, and the need, to be creative.”

I hope this article is helpful for you. We hope this article will help you get idea about creativity boosting exercise. You don’t need hard and fast exercise to increase your creativity and healthy body.

You can do any kind of little physical activity that is becomes exercise to boost your creativity and get your body into shape. Don’t forget about nutrition. To know more visit NFCI.

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