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Kit Guru

mei 10, 2024


Corsair is getting into the Racing Sim market with acquisition of Fanatec

Corsair has made a few key acquisitions in recent years, picking up companies like Scuff Gaming and Elgato to expand into new product categories. Corsair’s dominance in the gaming peripheral world appears set to continue, with the company now looking to acquire Fanatec, a leading brand in the Racing Sim scene.

Fanatec is currently owned by Endor AG. Corsair has entered an agreement to acquire Endor, following a company restructuring that will shuffle around Endor’s debts, which currently equate to around €70 million. Exactly how much money Corsair is spending on this acquisition has not been revealed.

Once all is completed, Corsair will become the new owners of Fanatec, giving the company a solid foothold in the Racing Sim market. Fanatec has previously made products using licenses from leading car makers like BMW, Porsche and McLaren. These peripherals have also often been supporting by major racing games.

Speaking on the acquisition, Corsair CEO, Andy Paul, said: “Fanatec is an incredible brand with a strong community. This transaction would solve the company’s significant debt load and position the company for growth and continued product portfolio expansion.”

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KitGuru Says: Soon, it looks like Corsair will be dealing in Racing Wheels and pedals.

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