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januari 19, 2024


Don Julio Just Dropped Alma Miel, a New Tequila Made with Agave Honey

Don Julio is no stranger to innovation. In addition to its core lineup — blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas — the brand is also behind Don Julio 70, the world’s first cristalino añejo tequila, and other expressions like Primavera and Rosado, reposado tequilas that are finished in European orange wine casks and port casks, respectively. Their latest release is Don Julio Alma Miel, a spirit inspired by the agave honey inside the heart of blue weber agave plants.

Don Julio Alma Miel is a unique blend of blanco tequila that was distilled with agave honey, and añejo tequila that was aged for at least 14 months and finished in Crémant du Limoux wine casks. Because the finished product is a blend of different aged tequilas, Alma Miel is classified as a joven.

Distilling the tequila with agave honey is meant to accentuate the spirit’s roasted agave flavors. Combine that with Crémant du Limoux-finished añejo, and you get a tequila that’s full of sweet agave honey, spiced orchard fruit, creamy caramel, and rich roasted agave. The brand suggests sipping Alma Miel neat or on the rocks with an orange peel.

Christian Nodal drinking don julio alma miel tequila
Singer-songwriter Christian Nodal will support Alma Miel’s launch

To support the launch, Don Julio has partnered with Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal, who’s starring in the brand’s new ad creative. He will also help curate a national dinner series that blends tequila with Mexican food and music.

Don Julio Alma Miel will be available nationwide in the coming months. It’s packaged in a sleek, tall bottle inspired by the colors of the blue weber agave plant, and a 750 mL bottle carries a suggested price of $99.99.

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