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april 06, 2023


New SEO study reveals the biggest investments of 2023

Ignite Visibility recently surveyed over 120 marketing professionals about their present SEO and content marketing strategies and their outlook going into 2023. With 2022 being such a transformative year for SEO, the researchers at Ignite were curious to see where 2023 might take the world of digital marketing and paid media.

Key takeaways from the study include:

  • Over 74% of marketers now use creative assets, such as images or videos, in their content.
  • 73% of marketers have turned to YouTube as an important part of their SEO strategy in 2023.
  • The majority of marketers noted they saw no change in their rankings after the Helpful Content Update. In fact, far more respondents noted their rankings increased, rather than decreased, as expected after Google released the update.
  • Internal links are becoming more important.
  • 34% of marketers will spend the majority of their 2023 budget on video content, whereas only 10% of marketers will spend the majority of their budget on blog content.

When asked about the survey’s results, Ignite Visibility CEO, John Lincoln, said, “With SEO constantly evolving, we can never take our focus off of what the consumer wants. I think the biggest takeaway from this study is that when it comes to all the different pillars of SEO the biggest focus in 2023 is going to be on content marketing. Content is going to become more shareable and video-focused to really draw consumers into a brand. I’m excited about this shift and how it will further integrate SEO with other marketing channels.”

Download the study here

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