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Kit Guru

mei 10, 2024


Nintendo president confirms ‘Switch Next’ as new console

This week, Nintendo finally confirmed its next-gen console plans. The company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, confirmed that a new console will be announced during the current fiscal year. We were already expecting this new console to be a ‘Switch 2′, but Furukawa’s additional comments appear to confirm that. 

During an investor meeting this week, Furukawa was asked about Nintendo’s upcoming console. As reported by industry analyst, David Gibson, the Nintendo president responded by saying “Switch next model is the appropriate way to describe it”.

This lines up with other recent supply chain leaks, which claimed that the Switch 2 would feature a larger display, newly designed Joy-Con controllers with a magnetic attachment system, an improved dock and of course, more powerful hardware under the hood capable of playing games at higher resolutions, frame rates and graphical settings.

The Switch 2 is also expected to be backwards compatible with original Switch games. However, new titles designed for the Switch 2 will have a tweaked SD card design to stop them from being slotted into an older Switch model. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as Nintendo did the same thing with the move from the Nintendo DS to the 3DS.

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KitGuru Says: As long as Nintendo gives the new console a proper name and not something crazy like ‘Wii U’ or ‘The NEW Nintendo 3DS’, then the new-gen Switch should be nothing short of a massive success. 

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