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Crop Production

mei 07, 2024


Pipeline products promise

Agrochemical manufacturer, Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe, has committed to launching a pipeline of new products into both the UK and European markets.

General manager Alberto Ancora says beyond Sumitomo’s conventional chemical portfolio, key acquisitions and investments have been made during recent years, anticipating the current green evolution in European agriculture.

“Here we see significant potential in combining conventional chemistry with new biorational strategies as an ideal solution for sustainable farming. Although Sumitomo may be a new name to many UK farmers and agronomists, we have a rich history in agriculture going back 350 years.

“The company was born out of an idea of converting harmful gases emitted by copper mining into fertilisers, solving an environmental problem and simultaneously providing a solution to farmers. That’s a very forward-looking and concrete example of our approach as a pioneer in sustainable agriculture,” he says.


According to Alberto, the role of a professional farmer remains a fascinating and difficult job, requiring numerous skills as well as passion and entrepreneurship.

“In order to be resilient and compete successfully in a global market, while overcoming unprecedented events such as COVID-19, climate change and the current war in Ukraine, farmers will have to focus on greater sustainability by integrating traditional chemistry with successful biorational solutions.

“Sumitomo is well positioned to help them to make this important transition,” he suggests.

UK market

Simon Leak, business manager crop solutions for Sumitomo Chemical (UK) believes the company has already made successful in-roads into the UK market.

“Sumitomo Chemical already markets a number of important products in the UK including Dipel – the leading Bacillus thuringiensis – a biorational product with specific activity against lepidoptera. There’s also pyrethroid Sven (Esfenvalerate) and Soleil, a combination of bromuconazole and tebuconazole for rust and fusarium control in wheat.

“In our immediate pipeline is a number of conventional active ingredients including two new fungicides which target key diseases such as septoria, net blotch, ramularia and rusts, and we’re hopeful of approvals in the near future.”

Simon says the company is currently working with organisations such as NIAB and ADAS on trials to further optimise the potential of these products.

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