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mei 07, 2024


Types of OOH Advertising that Get Results

Blank out of home advertising placement in a subway stairwell

When building your advertising campaign, it pays to be different. 

While traditional billboards make an impact, truly engaging OOH ads are a thing of beauty. They inspire prospective customers to act. They inspire sharing via word-of-mouth or by a quick upload to social media. They are, in a word, memorable. 

But there are countless OOH advertising types to consider when building your campaign. To be sure, not every OOH ad’s appropriate for every business. But when doing your research, it’s key to understand all the options on the table. Then, and only then, can you and your team decide what placement type is best suited for your business. 

With that said, let’s break down the different types of OOH advertising available to you. These are placement types that vary in cost, duration, scalability, and flexibility. But each of them is sure to, with the right level of creativity, get results. 

Static Out of Home Advertising 

A static billboard is a timeless tool in the marketer’s toolbelt. They may be an enormous placement on the side of a highway. Or they could be a smaller installation on a subway wall. Either way, the essence is still the same. 

Sure, billboard advertisements may be a bit ordinary. But consider the last time you saw a truly engaging billboard. Competition is low, to say the least, with most companies prioritizing awareness over actual engagement. 

Now, imagine a well thought-through campaign that prioritizes a conversation with the target audience. Buc-ee’s, a regional gas and convenience superstore chain, did just that. The brand was able to turn would-be passers through into zealots that even rank their billboard ads online

Now that’s engagement. 

Digital Out of Home Advertising 

If you want to take your billboard placements to the next level, consider digital OOH billboards. These placements typically run more expensive than the static variety. But with digital screens at your fingertips, the sky is the limit in terms of your creative potential. 

You could run a dynamic campaign, with multiple assets in the hopper and ready to deploy at set timed intervals. Or you could update your campaign with new calls-to-action or QR codes to point to new web properties you manage. You could even monitor engagement and completely swap out your creative in real time. 

The possibilities abound when dealing digitally. The only limitation is your team’s creativity. 

Public Transportation Advertising 

Why settle for OOH ads that are stuck in place? With transit advertising, the ads can go directly to your audience (or vice versa). With placements on public transportation, ads can dynamically run throughout an urban setting. This maximizes potential impressions in high traffic areas. 

Moreover, placements inside public transit stations and vehicles themselves equal captive audiences. Truly, this is one of the types of out of home advertising that is sure to be appreciated each and every day. 

Point of Sale Placements 

Out of home advertisement placed on side of bus shelter.

What better way to inspire an impulse purchase than with an ad placed right next to the checkout area? That 18% of in-store purchases are impulse purchases should be inspiration enough! 

There is a lot of competition at the cash register. But with a smart and engaging ad that surprises and delights audiences, things change. Even the most standard product stands to see a boost in revenue. Though it shouldn’t, this is truly one of the types of out of home advertising that often gets overlooked. 

Concepts Guaranteed to Discuss 

All of the above ideas are effective, if fairly standard. If your brand wants to be truly noticed, it pays to up your budget and up your inspiration. Large scale placements or ad campaigns that bring a smile to audience’s faces are often a big hit. And brands that employ them tend to capture a glut of attention. 

Sprite took an innovative approach when they installed beachside public shower installations made to look like Sprite dispensers. While the execution might have raised some eyebrows, the audacious concept was undeniably novel and attention-grabbing. Even today, this unconventional marketing stunt continues to be a topic of discussion, a testament to its lasting impact. 

Partner with the Best in OOH Advertising 

When devising your next ad campaign, don’t phone it in. It’s critical to consider all the different types of OOH advertising at your disposal. But even more critical is partnering with an OOH leader that can help you pull off campaign greatness. 

At AllOver Media, we have partnered with countless clients to craft memorable, engaging, results-oriented campaigns. And we are ready to partner with you. See how AllOver Media can help! 

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