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februari 28, 2023


What LiveLearn brings to individuals ?

1. What’s LiveLearn ?

LiveLearn is a learning platform where lifelong learning is the ultimate goal. By bringing together trainers, experts, learners, and companies, we create an optimal learning environment in which both online and offline (physical) learning modules can be easily found and done. 

You can add subjects and personal interests to your own profile to get recommended content to grow in knowledge and develop new skills.

2. The goal of LiveLearn 

The ultimate goal of LiveLearn is to give people access to knowledge and skills for them to have a fair chance on the global labor market, no matter where they live or what their background is. It’s about the skills you have and develop. 

Quality learning

Client focussed (help individuals with their goals)

Challenging (keep triggering people to learn)

User-friendly (easy to use)

Collaborative (working together with experts)

Stability (We are always there to help)

3. Features for individuals

LiveLearn is designed to give each  user (expert, trainer, manager, individual) a personalized learning environment with adapted features. 

A. Free account creation

As an individual, you can create an account for free. You just have to go to and click on the registration button at the top right side, like you see on the image below. Then you will start and enjoy your personal and professional growth journey. 

Only when you connect to a company, to further develop you within this company, they pay a monthly fee of  €4,95 per month.



B. Topics from personal interests to your job

On our platform, we have both personal and professional topics

You have the opportunity to have skills related to your personal interests (Media, Fashion, Photography, Health, Art, Literature), which makes you more likely to develop expertise in these areas. This expertise can be very valuable, both for your professional career and for your personal life.

You can develop your career by taking courses that focus on your profession :

  • Financial
  • Human resources, 
  • Purchase Innovation / R&D, 
  • Legal, 
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Etc.

You can also develop skills for a specific job

  • Retail
  • Agricultural /Green, 
  • Construction
  • Financial /Legal 
  • catering industry etc.



C. Personalized learning environment on both desktop and mobile 

When you create your account, you have the possibility to choose the different topics and themes that interest you, as well as the experts related to these topics. So have a personal dashboard on both desktop and mobile.


D. Various content types

To facilitate your preferred way of acquiring information, we provide you access to a variety of content in different formats. So you learn according to what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. 

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Workshops
  • Courses on location
  • Etc.


E. Data driven growth 

LiveLearn provides a data-driven learning experience to tailor the most valuable learnings to each individual learner. By analyzing data on the learner’s behavior, interests and past performance, our platform can recommend the most relevant content. 

This personalized approach increases engagement, motivation, and retention.

F. Skills passport (CV) 

Our Skills passport feature summarizes and highlights your skills, achievements, and learning experiences. It is a valuable tool for learners to document and communicate their skills and abilities to employers, colleagues, teachers or anyone else it can be shown to. 



Acquiring new skills is a daily process, which can be stimulated by external people or companies. At LiveLearn we provide the most efficient and easy way to develop your skills and at the same time make a career.

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