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mei 31, 2023


What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Summer is right around the corner and GoDaddy's Online Store builder and Online Appointments builder continues to grow and expand. In this guide, we’re going to cover these updates and show you how they can help your business grow.<br><em><strong>If you haven't published your website yet, check out the guided tutorial and we'll walk you through it.</strong></em><br><h2>What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce</h2><br>Here’s a list of the new features and options available for Websites + Marketing Ecommerce customers:<br><strong>Updates as of May 22, 2023:</strong><br><ul><br><li>AI-generated product descriptions. </li><br></ul><br>Updates as of March 8, 2023:<br><ul><br><li>Multi-day event/service scheduling in Online Appointments.</li><br><li>Direct navigation to Appointments Overview in Online Appointments.</li><br><li>US-based Online Store owners can create shipping labels to Canada.</li><br></ul><br><strong>Updates as of Feb. 13, 2023:</strong><br><ul><br><li><strong>Easily view past events in Online Appointments. </strong></li><br><li><strong>Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay via GoDaddy Payments.</strong></li><br></ul><br>Updates as of Jan. 10, 2023:<br><ul><br><li><strong>Customers can share your products and services on social media.</strong></li><br></ul><br><em><strong>Related resources: </strong></em><br><ul><br><li><em>GoDaddy Logo Maker</em></li><br><li><em>GoDaddy Business Name Generator</em></li><br><li><em>GoDaddy Website Builder</em></li><br></ul><br><h2 id="ai-generated-product-descriptions">AI-generated product descriptions</h2><br>Does writing product descriptions feel overwhelming? Our new AI functionality in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce is here to help. With this new feature, you can easily create AI-generated descriptions for your products.<br>Not happy with the description that the AI tool generated? You can regenerate your product description as many times as you’d like. You’re also able to copy versions that you do like to either edit or insert directly into the description field.<br><br><br><br><h2 id="multi-day-scheduling">Multi-day event/service scheduling in Online Appointments</h2><br>Service-based merchants can now offer events that span multiple days. Whether it’s a 3-day retreat or a week-long event, Online Appointments users are now able to have more flexibility in their scheduling.<br>To use this feature, you’ll want to choose the “One Time Event” option when adding a service. With this option, there will be a “Days” duration option available to use.<br><br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br><br>&nbsp;<br><h2 id="direct-navigation-appointments-overview">Direct navigation to Appointments Overview in Online Appointments</h2><br>Navigation options for Online Appointments has been updated to give a more direct path to the Appointments Overview section of your account.<br><br>Not only does the Overview page allow you to easily manage your Online Appointments, it hosts quite a bit of useful information, such as upcoming bookings, recommendations, stats and guidance to help you grow.<br><br>&nbsp;<br><h2 id="create-shipping-labels-canada">US-based Online Store owners can create shipping labels to Canada</h2><br>Online Store owners based in the United States are now able to create shipping labels for packages under 4lbs to Canada via GoDaddy’s ShipEngine integration (for a nominal fee). This update allows merchants to more easily ship to Canada without having to worry about customs forms or visiting the post office.<br><h2 id="view-past-services">Easily view past events in Online Appointments</h2><br>Services that have occurred in the past through Online Appointments can now be viewed under the “Past Services” tab, making it easier for you to manage your service offerings.<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br>&nbsp;<br><h2 id="accept-apple-pay-google-pay">Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay via GoDaddy Payments</h2><br>With this update to GoDaddy Payments, you can now accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay for products and services through your site.<br>Note: If you’re adding GoDaddy Payments for the first time, or if you’re already using GoDaddy Payments, you may need to republish your site to see the option for digital wallets on your Online Store.<br>With digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, your customers are able to checkout with a single click, without leaving the page. And, to further boost your sales, we have strategically placed digital wallet checkout options in various locations, including the product page, cart, checkout and quick view pages.<br>Digital wallets are available for <strong>shipping</strong> and <strong>local delivery</strong> orders (but not for pickup orders).<br>Here are a couple of examples of how these payment options will appear for products:<br> <br><h2></h2><br>And here's an example of the digital wallet options for services:<br><h2></h2><br><h2 id="customer social sharing">Customers can share your products and services on social media</h2><br>Now your customers are able to share products and services from your website directly to their own social media pages. This feature can help boost visibility for your products via your customers’ social media feeds.<br>This setting can be enabled in the Websites + Marketing editor, under the Online Store’s “Product Page” tab. For services, you'll need to edit the Appointments widget:<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br><br><strong>Note: </strong>You will need to publish your site for this feature to be live.<br>Interested in seeing a breakdown of the features added to Websites + Marketing Ecommerce in 2022? Check out those details here.<br>&nbsp;<br>

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