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april 08, 2024


Increase Productivity. Use the Covey Time Management Matrix.  

Time management is important for increasing personal productivity and enhancing the success of a business. One of the several strategies to use is the Covey Time Management Matrix to increase productivity.

This technique is one of the most effective methods, meant to focus your attention on the tasks that matter most to your business and personal growth.  

Increase Productivity: Covey Time Management Matrix

The Covey Time Management Matrix is a framework for prioritising time and tasks. It was created by Steven Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

The key is focusing proactively on quadrant two, important but not urgent, lessening quadrant three, not important but urgent, and killing quadrant four, not important and not urgent, by saying that all important word: ‘no. 

Execution is getting the right things done well, day in and day out. The right things are those quadrants two actions, important but not urgent, that bring the most benefit, but could be delayed by practicing procrastination. 

Quadrant 1: Urgent and important => Manage / do these activities now  

Quadrant 2: Not urgent and important => Focus on these activities and decide when to do them 

Quadrant 3: Urgent and not important => Delegate these activities 

Quadrant 4: Not urgent and not important => Limit or drop these activities  

Dr. Covey recommends to begin the week with the big things: the important tasks that align with our roles and principles. We put those into our schedule first. Then, we add the other tasks. It is about getting the right things done at the expense of getting lots of things done. 

Figure 1: Stephen R. Covey’s Time-Management Matrix from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

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